The time is now.


The hands continue to circle around the clock, whether we like it or not (unless you remove the battery). But truthfully, time can be our friend. Sort of like jumper cables, the passage of time can be a catalyst for action.

As I write this, on the last day of 2014, it causes me to reflect upon how valuable time is as a commodity. Much more so than money, income or status. So why does maximizing its use seem to be such a challenge sometimes?

I am aware that time is passing more quickly than I thought, yet it still seems to be relatively abundant for me. Is that because I’m middle-aged? I don’t really feel middle-aged (denial?). I’m told I don’t look middle-aged (kind friends?). And I feel I have plenty of time to begin my unwritten novel (procrastination).

When I think of our residents or hear their stories, I think about something else too:  how time is an opportunity, for whenever you’re ready and no matter your age. The adage “Carpe Diem” (seize the day) comes to mind. The proof is all around me in our communities, because what I witness is that it’s never too early to start something. Nor is it ever too late!

It’s like the more time that goes by for our residents, the more inspired and active they seem to become. They get healthier. More socially engaged. Some, who have decided to take up our fitness programs are becoming fitter than they have been in years. Before working here, I didn’t believe that was possible. Woodworking at 88, line dancing at 83, learning to Skype at 85, Tai Chi at 89… who knew?

Opportunities and resources seem to count for something. Give an individual adequate space, time, support, facilities, classes… and it just becomes easier for them to pursue those passions.

So as we head into 2015 with champagne in hand, I am thinking I should take a page from this wise approach. I should be creating maximum opportunities for myself now. I should pursue my yet-to-be-uncovered passions like time IS of the essence. And who knows. Maybe, just maybe, before my “latter years,” I’ll have a bestseller or two on my hands.

As they say, the time is now!

Happy 2015 to all!



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