Project and Timeline

The following provides detail on the proposed project design and timeline to date. This section is subject to change and will be updated as we progress.



The development takes the form of two connected buildings; a 23-storey residential tower with a two-storey base of amenity spaces and a separate two-storey commercial building. Both buildings are designed to bring in natural light and create transparency with the surroundings.

The main residential building incorporates organic curves and layered gardens, including active green roofs and courtyards; level two provides a landscaped walking loop for residents.

The commercial retail building from Johnston Road adds to the public courtyard gathering experience. The urban design provides a series of public and semipublic spaces to engage and draw public into the site and encourage residents to access their community. Johnston Road is due to undergo a major revitalization over the coming years and the proposed development will form part of that revitalization.

PARC Retirement Living has a passion for original art and we share this with our residents, using art as a medium in our communities.



The building facades include quality metal paneling (in earth tones), glass panels and wood patterned elements for a modern West Coast aesthetic. Signature half crescent shaped cladding panels rise the length of the tower to animate the east and west elevations of the tower. Landscaping will include full season flowering and fruit production for bees, birds and urban insects.



The building is being designed and will be targeting LEED® Gold certification upon completion and incorporates environmental design elements across multiple disciplines.

Some examples include mechanical (low flow faucets and fixtures) and landscaping (permeable landscape cover and drought tolerant plant selection to reduce the demand for potable water). The proposed roofing material is intended to reduce the heat island effect.

Reduction in greenhouse gases and electrical consumption is realized by designing a highly insulated building envelope that includes triple glazed windows and innovative sustainable products such as Isokorb (structural thermal break component). Adopting these approaches is estimated to result in energy savings that are 22-26% that of a comparable base building.

Refer to White Rock PARC Design Rationale Report for more information on proposed environmental initiatives.



Units will range from one to three bedrooms, ranging from 500 to 1200 square feet and incorporate numerous features suitable for seniors such as non-slip bathroom flooring, walk in showers, and attractive kitchenettes. Suite layouts are designed to maximize cross ventilation.


Parking, Security and Access

Residential vehicular access and servicing/loading is provided via George Street. A controlled and secure underground parkade is provided for use by residents, retail users and the general public. This enables Johnston Road to be dedicated for commercial and pedestrian activities as set out on the City of White Rock Town Centre Urban Plan (2011).

Pedestrian movement through the site via a series of mews complete with garden planters that allow for future pedestrian connectivity with neighboring sites. A pedestrian friendly lane at the north of the site enables east west connection across the site.

To ensure resident safety, the building will be equipped with access control and security surveillance in addition to 24-hour staff presence.

For more information on our parking rationale:

  1. PARC Parking Rationale per Development Permit No. 391
  2. Transportation Impact Study
  3. Parking Ratio Memo


PARC’s project team is working closely with City of White Rock staff to ensure that the design of White Rock PARC reflects the visions expressed through the following City of White Rock documents:

  1.  White Rock PARC Design Rationale Report
  2.  City of White Rock Town Centre Urban Plan (2011)
  3.  City of White Rock Official Community Plan Update
  4.  Johnston Road Streetscape Revitalization



PARC anticipates site preparation and demolition to commence as early as April 2017.  Construction and traffic management plans will be made available via this website to ensure maximum notification and planning. All work will be coordinated closely with the City of White Rock.

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