2015 PARC Resident Satisfaction Survey

Brain Fit Seniors

Brain Fit Seniors92% of PARC Retirement Living residents rate PARC service as above average

In a recent study* conducted annually by PARC Retirement Living, the great majority of PARC residents said they are satisfied with the PARC residence in which they live. In fact, 92% gave an above average satisfaction rating. Other findings were as follows:

1.  83% of PARC residents would recommend a PARC Retirement Living community to family or friends

2.  Our residents tell us they selected PARC because of our communities’ great locations, amenities, “Active Aging” environment, complimentary transportation and healthy food selections


3.  88% of long term residents (5 years or more) are satisfied with their PARC community

4.  Residents rate our staff very highly, telling us they find our staff:

  •  courteous
  •  friendly
  •  caring
  •  trustworthy
  •  good listeners and welcoming of feedback

Best Retirement Living in Vancouver

We are very proud to have content residents at PARC Retirement Living. By surveying them annually, we can uncover any areas of needed improvement as well as gauge our ongoing performance. It is our goal to keep striving towards 100% satisfaction in all areas.

*This study was conducted by an independent BC-based research organization. For more detailed information about the results, contact Louisa Flinn, VP of Sales & Marketing, PARC Retirement Living at 604.408.5811 or by email: lflinn@dev.parc.drivedigitaldev.com

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