Oceana PARC Development

We are excited to announce the unanimous approval of PARC Retirement Living’s development permit application by White Rock Mayor and Council on November 7, 2016.  The approval of our 198-unit retirement residence will make a significant contribution to the revitalization of White Rock’s urban town centre.  We greatly appreciate the guidance provided by City Staff and Council in designing a building consistent with White Rock’s vision for this strategic area.

We would also like to thank White Rock’s many businesses, associations, and community members for all the support we received during our application process. We look forward to continuing to work together.

Note: This website will be updated as we move forward in this process.

White Rock Groundbreaking


White Rock Development Permit Press Release


White Rock Parking Rationale


Proposed White Rock Development

We have long considered White Rock an ideal setting for a PARC retirement residence, with its many nearby amenities, access to natural beauty and agreeable climate. The proposed development consists of a residential tower with incorporated space for dedicated amenities tailored to seniors’ nutritional, emotional, physical and social needs. The space has been designed with the PARC lifestyle, encompassing our Independent Living+ program, in mind, to encourage and support an active, healthy lifestyle. The design plan includes:

    • Numerous outdoor patios and a permanent greenhouse where residents can enjoy gardening and gather in both sun-filled and shaded areas


    • A public café and salon that spill onto a public courtyard with a commercial/retail component for the community to enjoy


    • PARC-Active Living, a senior’s-oriented fitness center open to both resident and non-resident seniors



Community Benefits

All of our residences are designed with community benefits in mind – we consider this one of the cornerstones of good development. Anticipated benefits of the Oceana PARC development to the community include:

    • Revitalization of White Rock’s town centre to become an increasingly attractive location for local residents, developers and retailers


    • Financial benefits to the local economy such as tax revenue, local employment from residence and retail operations, commercial activity, new residents in the area, purchase of local goods


    • A unique form of lifestyle retirement accommodation, allowing White Rock seniors to remain in their community, and encouraging new residents to enjoy the area’s urban neighbourhood


    • PARC sponsorships, partnerships, events and support of programs that directly involve and interest our residents and attract independent seniors to White Rock




Proposed design



A concept drawing of the White Rock development – Johnston Rd. & George St.

A concept drawing of the White Rock development – Johnston Rd. & George St.


A concept drawing of the White Rock commercial retail units on Johnston Road