Mulberry PARC residents loving the gym renovation

Mulberry PARC Residents that participate in PARC FIT exercise!

It was a sea of green!

Mulberry PARC Residents that participate in PARC FIT exercise!

Nearly 50 people (mostly residents from Mulberry PARC), recently had the opportunity to attend an open house in the newly renovated onsite gym. Proudly clad in their PARC FIT green shirts, attendees were treated to demonstrations, testing of the equipment and information about PARC FIT programs.

The gym has undergone a sizeable renovation: a 65 per cent increase in square footage, new carpets and paint, improved air conditioning, more natural light and new equipment.

With 70 residents already attending the programs, the expansion became a must.

Mulberry PARC Retirement Residence Gym Renovations

The new additions include: a Leg Press, Chest Press/Back Row and Shoulder Press/Lat Pull machine. New smaller equipment pieces include: rehab pulleys, free weights, stability balls, medicine balls and foam rollers.
And with the enhanced larger space, more residents than ever are able to make the most of their fitness level and physical health. Some, just stepping into the gym for the first time during the open house left eager to kick start their own new regime. One attendee has already begun!

Following the open house, healthy, delicious smoothies were the order of the day, followed by awards presented to long-term gym members for their accomplishments, including one woman in her 90s who has been working out for eight years!

A few residents even spoke about their experience since joining the PARC FIT program, sharing how they have benefited.

For everyone who attended, it was a giant step in the right direction.

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