Mulberry PARC celebrates a decade



Ten years is certainly nothing to sniff at. So it was with great pomp and circumstance that Mulberry PARC marked their 10th anniversary this past November with an afternoon celebration.

The champagne flowed, the cake was cut and scrumptious chef-prepared hors d’oeuvres were circulated for the 80 enthusiastic residents in attendance.


There were also anniversaries of a different kind to commemorate. Five of the residents have lived at Mulberry PARC since opening day. In recognition, they were awarded a certificate and beautiful orchid. Six employees who have worked at the residence for ten years were each awarded a beautiful watch for their service.


During the event, there was an entertaining slideshow presentation, highlighting the residence and its people over the past decade. The room filled with smiles and laughs as the pictures recalled special memories.

PARC Retirement Living Owner, Rainer Müller, made a heartfelt speech and toast, recounting the very beginnings of Mulberry PARC. He spoke about what the residence has become today: a source of pride, a place of warmth and a lovely home to many.


Once the champagne bottles had dwindled and the cake was a mere scrap of its former self, it was time to clean up for dinner and the evening. But the goodwill lingered… even the following day, residents were still commenting about how great of an effort the staff had made, and how much they appreciated and enjoyed the whole experience.

Just imagine what the 20th anniversary might be!

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