More room to move

Summerhill PARC - Senior Gym Renovations

Summerhill PARC - Senior Gym Renovations The gym at Mulberry PARC is a popular place to be these days for residents. So much so, that it has undergone quite a sizeable renovation and upgrade recently to keep pace with the rapid growth of our popular PARC FIT fitness program. With a 65 per cent increase in square footage, new carpets and paint, improved air conditioning, more natural light and new equipment, it will provide a greater and more appealing space. Not only for the 70 participants who already take part in the program, but for attracting new attendees. Fitness Program Coordinator Hiroe Mertens said there is great excitement about the new space and she has heard residents joke about how “one can get lost in here” due to its spacious floor plan. The equipment will provide three new strength training stations:  weight machines meant for use by seniors, operating with hydraulics to assist the resistance. There will be a Leg Press, Chest Press/Back Row and Shoulder Press/Lat Pull machine. Also, an additional circuit training class will be added once a week. New smaller equipment pieces include: rehab pulleys for balance and agility, new sets of weights in all sizes, stability balls and medicine balls, as well as foam rollers which help to enhance circulation and consequently improve range of motion. Now, with more room to stretch out, move and get more mobile, residents at Mulberry PARC are able to make the most of their fitness level and physical health, helping to prolong and maintain their ability to live and thrive independently.

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