Marie’s Story

“We’re helping others, and using our talents.”


As a mother of five, Marie has had a lifetime of experience coordinating people and being the “go-to” person. It’s no wonder her love of sewing and knitting resulted in her spearheading a knitting group at Mulberry PARC.

Marie_Mulberry PARC Resident “The ladies love it,” exclaims Marie about Knitting-For-A-Cause. “It’s a wonderful social time, and this is a great group of ladies. If someone drops a stitch, one of us is always there to pick it up.” Marie started the group five years ago, after residents observed her knitting in the bistro. “They would say to me they hadn’t knit in years and didn’t think they could anymore. I decided to change that.”

Now, the group of up to 30 ladies come together once a week to enjoy the camaraderie as much as the craft. They have advanced their skills, now creating more challenging items like afghans and baby wear. An annual pre-Christmas sale of their items provides them with proceeds towards Christmas hampers for needy families. Marie has watched some of the quieter residents blossom as a result. “It brings them out of their suites and out of their shells. Their disposition improves.” she says.

Marie Mulberry PARC Resident Marie also knits with a church group and is an avid reader. With her happy disposition and “get involved/help others” attitude, Marie is leading a rich and fulfilling life at Mulberry PARC.

That’s how it is at Mulberry PARC: It’s so easy to embrace your interests or start something brand new. And with PARC’s focus on maintaining a healthy body and mind through our Independent Living+ program, it’s easy to see how life’s just better here.