What is Independent Living+?

Good question. Think of it as a doorway to better health. Independent Living+ is a complement of resources and services to help promote health and wellness, and preventative, active aging for our residents. Of course always discreet, always supportive and always consultative.  And included at no additional charge to you.

Independent Living+ includes all this:

Health Support

A comprehensive level of services to help guide, monitor and assist you with your health.

Wellness Nurse

  • Provides you with consultation for your changing health needs, support services and equipment
  • Helps you develop your unique health plan, including home health options
  • Provides information and education about physio, hearing support, podiatry and pharmaceutical services
  • Consultative support during short-term and episodic health challenges

Support for families in an acute health crisis

  • 24-hour Emergency Support
  • A CPR certified team to provide emergency, short-term and intermittent support


You’ll receive a pendant that provides you with access to 24-hour emergency response and assistance by a CPR certified team (in-suite and throughout the building).

Chauffeur Service

Complimentary driving service to health appointments, shopping or any other appointments, and scheduled bus outings to local events and points of interest.


LivingBalance is PARC Retirement Living’s health and wellness program that focuses on maximizing the comprehensive health of residents through three main avenues:

1. Nutrition

Providing optimal nutrition through well-balanced and nutrient-dense foods, as well as PARC SMART options, which are low in sodium, sugars, fats, and are portion-controlled. All meals are carefully prepared and presented by our skilled Executive Chefs.

2. Physical Fitness

Exercise is one of the best multi-faceted tools for improving health. Our one-of-a-kind PARC FIT program works to:  build muscular strength & power, muscular endurance, cardiovascular health, flexibility and balance. We also run a variety of classes to supplement these goals, including:  chair yoga, Tai Chi, pole walking and more. Together, these activities can help residents measurably and significantly improve health and improve brain function.

3. Brain Fitness

Brain Fitness is just as deserving of attention as your physical and nutritional efforts. That’s why PARC Retirement Living brings in experts and holds workshops in order to assist residents improve their memory and increase their cognition. Coupled with other activities that PARC Retirement Living offers like education, creative arts, spiritual development and social engagement, residents can experience multiple benefits in everyday living here.