Real Life Stories

At PARC Retirement Living, our residents enjoy the freedom to live as they choose with all the independence they have always enjoyed, but without the burdens of maintaining a home. Here, they can have an active and healthy lifestyle, where they don’t just live, they thrive.

In an environment that’s both inviting and refined, our residents can pursue their passions, socialize, eat well, remain active and engaged, all in a lifestyle that promotes healthy living for body, mind and soul.

Read the real life stories of a few of our residents and discover for yourself how life is better here.

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Dave, world traveller, Westerleigh PARC

Henry, mountaineer, Cedar Springs PARC

Jim, adventurer, Mulberry PARC

Margaret, distance cyclist, Mulberry PARC

Marlene & Richard, like-minded lovebirds, Cedar Springs PARC

Mona, full of fun, Westerleigh PARC

Sylvia, quick learner, Summerhill PARC