Eat well, live well

At PARC Retirement Living, we take our food seriously. We understand that dining should be a highly pleasurable part of your day. It should be sociable. And flexible. And absolutely delicious. It should have variety, nutrition and sometimes, it should include comfort food.

Our highly skilled onsite chefs consider it their job to ensure every resident is enjoying a healthy well-balanced, nutritious and delicious menu of foods each and every day. In addition to  regular well-balanced foods on the daily menus, we will offer PARC SMART entrées, which will be:

  • low in sodium
  • low in fat/saturated fat
  • low in concentrated sugars
  • portion-controlled

Plus, EVERY meal will be “calorie-sparse and nutrient-dense”, use whole grains, fresh produce, contain adequate amounts of protein and be dense in phytochemicals.

Variety and flexibility

Sometimes, you may not want to eat in the dining room… we have a credit-back program to help with that.  Or perhaps you want to take a meal in your room, or have a bagged lunch instead for an outing. No problem. Want to arrange the private dining room with friends or family? Just pre-arrange it with the front desk. We’re here to make it easy.

Seasoned chefs, gourmet delights

At all four residences, we pride ourselves on the calibre of our chefs. With decades of experience at high-end hotels, they are committed to making every meal a gourmet experience.


*Please note:  dining structure may differ from residence to residence.