Retirement living choices can be confusing

There are many housing options available for seniors today. But navigating them can be difficult. Step one in the process is understanding what your choices are. Typically, choice is based on your specific needs. In the case of seniors needing socialization, good nutrition and motivation to remain active, an independent living community is the perfect choice.

Independent Living is known by other names such as:

• Retirement communities
• Supportive housing
• Retirement homes
• Congregate living
• Active adult communities
• Senior apartments or senior housing

Seniors requiring ongoing support beyond that provided within an Independent Living community are often better served in an Assisted Living residence. With PARC’s new Independent Living+ service, a Wellness Nurse can help navigate residents through their changing lifestyles to find suitable options designed to meet their needs.

Is Independent Living right for you?

A few questions to ask yourself or your loved one…..

1. Is it easy to maintain your current house or is it becoming a burden?

2. Is it difficult to maintain friendships and family connections on a regular basis?

3. Is it easy to get around? How much do you have to rely on others?

4. How is your health?

5. Have you lost a spouse recently or are you feeling lonely and isolated?

6. How well do you eat? Are you eating well-balanced nutritious meals appropriate for your age?

7. Are you exercising your body and brain?

If you are struggling with one or two or more of these issues, Independent Living+ may indeed be the right choice to alleviate these challenges and create a healthier, happier you.