Refer & Earn!

Refer a friend and earn $1,000 towards your favourite charity!

Share your trust in PARC Retirement Living with those you care about. It’s a feel good for you. It’s a feel good for them. And it’s a big feel good for the registered charity of your choice when we donate $1,000 on your behalf.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1   Refer a person to us who may be interested in PARC

STEP 2  We contact the person you’ve referred us to

STEP 3   Your referral moves into one of our residences

STEP 4   30 days goes by

STEP 5   We give $1,000 towards the charity of your choice.

ENJOY the cause, enjoy your new neighbour!

Not only will you feel good about the donation, you’ll feel great having your friend as a new neighbour!

Have a friend to refer now? Contact us!