What is the difference between independent retirement living and other types of seniors housing? It’s confusing!

You’re right… it is confusing! There are many different types of housing available to seniors today. Usually the factor that differs between them is the level of assistance available for daily living. An independent retirement living community is usually for those aged 65 years and up. Residents live independently within their own self-contained suite, but dine together in a common dining area. Staff take care of weekly housekeeping, and the communities typically offer many amenities, activities and services. At PARC Retirement Living, we offer a full range of recreational programs, fitness facilities, social outings, as well as private dining rooms, billiard tables, games rooms, gardening space and even spas, salons and workshops. As long as residents are mobile and able, they can happily live in an independent retirement community for years. Other housing options include assisted living and nursing homes, where care is needed on a daily basis, usually medical, and assistance with daily living.

What services are provided to PARC Retirement Living residents?

Just about everything, including the kitchen sink! Our residences provide seniors with our exclusive Independent Living+, which gives them a private self-contained suite, daily nutritious chef-prepared meals, weekly housekeeping, access to a Wellness Nurse, scheduled chauffeured transportation for appointments and outings, laundry facilities, body and brain fitness classes, comprehensive wellness programs, 24-hour security, a business centre with computers, on-site library, TV and media room and games area, and much more.

Residents can also choose to partake in weekly excursions to a variety of venues and events. As the proud sponsor of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s Tea and Trumpets series, we provide residents with complimentary access and transportation to these concerts.

What about the food? I’ve heard it can be anywhere from average to poor at retirement homes. Is that true?

While many retirement communities choose to offer their residents fairly standard fare supplied by outside companies, at PARC Retirement Living, we have in-house Executive Chefs and a crew of kitchen staff carefully preparing every meal. Fresh local ingredients are sourced, portions are senior-friendly, the variety is exceptional, and the foods are nutrient-dense and calorie-conserving. PARC prides itself on consistently providing delicious well-balanced nutritious meals that residents love to enjoy and gain healthy benefits from doing so.

I still want my independence. Would I still live in my own place?

Yes, absolutely. Your suite is your home—entirely private, decorated with your furnishings and to your taste. Your suite remains your sanctuary, but you’re welcome to invite neighbours, friends and family to visit your new suite, and as often as you’d like. PARC Retirement Living residences have a variety of studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and bachelor options to choose from, as well as one-bedroom plus den at two of our residences. Views range from city to mountain to ocean, depending upon which residence you choose, and which side of the building you select.

What happens if I get sick or need additional assistance? Will I have to move out?

No, you won’t necessarily need to move out. Through our comprehensive Independent Living+ services, there are many options available to you if you experience a short term illness or require assistance with daily activities, such as bathing or medication. We have a Wellness Nurse on hand to provide you with information and guidance to help you access public health workers or private agencies for the care services you require. That means you can stay in your residence and home without having to change your life, and get all the assistance you need.

Will I still be able to do what I want in a retirement residence?

Absolutely! Our residences are designed for those who are independent, and still desire and are able to do what they want. We encourage our residents to participate in activities that they find rewarding, go out into the surrounding neighbourhood regularly, make dates with friends and family, and join activities either at the residence or out in the community.

I’m nearing 80 years old. When should I move into a retirement residence?

There is no particular age that suggests when you should move into a retirement residence, although at PARC residences, we do have a minimum age of 65. Ideally, such a decision is better made before events force the matter. Also, if you find it difficult to keep up with daily chores, a big garden, or your family is over-burdened trying to do it all for you, it will likely be a great relief of stress and unhappiness once you move in. The stress of running a household is greater than one thinks, and research shows that living in a retirement residence can actually improve the overall physical and emotional health of seniors. Residents have more time and energy to be social, eat well, do the things they like to do and start enjoying life to the fullest.

Can I still cook my own meals at a PARC residence?

Yes, if you wish. Each suite is provided with a sink, cooktop and refrigerator with freezer, and some residences even have ovens in select suites. However, nutritious and delicious chef-prepared meals are offered daily and served in the elegant dining room, and that is all included with your monthly fees. You can also have access to our community kitchen when you have the desire to cook or bake.

What if my out-of-town guests or family want to stay over? Can they?

Yes of course! Your guests may use one of our guest suites available to families and friends—at a considerably lower cost than nearby hotel accommodations. Our dining room can also accommodate guests, or you can book a family occasion in our private dining room.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, your furry friends are most welcome. Cats, fish, birds, and small well-trained dogs make great roommates and companions in your new suite.

You must be able to care for all their needs and prior authorization from the General Manager and a signed pet agreement is required.

Do you assist with move-in?

It is our goal and explicit desire to make your move as painless as possible. We have access to movers and other companies that provide support for seniors moving into one of our buildings. We would be happy to provide you with contacts for whatever assistance you may need.

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