Our values

Our company values create a cohesive, inspiring and fun work environment. They guide our day-to-day interactions and business decisions, and inspire us to give our best every day. Strong values coupled with the right people produce great results.

We keep our promise

Residents move to our residences based on our promise to deliver consistently high-quality service, food, fun, companionship, support, security, mobility, respect and genuine care.

We listen

We make a habit of stopping to listen and do everything we can for residents and our colleagues.

We waste less

Waste costs money which the residents ultimately pay for. Less waste begets more success, both financially and environmentally.

We build community

We embrace our resident, employees and neighbours. We value the neighbourhoods residents call their own and do our part to keep these communities a great place to live.

We make it fun

Fun is infectious and spreads to the people around us. A positive attitude promotes laughter and spontaneity.

We keep our workplace safe and secure

We look out for each other, the residents and their families. Our teams and residents live and work in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment.

We appreciate each other and all we have

We appreciate the expertise and different viewpoints each of us bring to the team.

We challenge ourselves and never stop improving

The world around us keeps changing and so must we. We challenge ourselves and each other to constantly improve.