Dorothy P.’s story

“I can push myself in new ways.”

Never one to sit idle, Dorothy takes advantage of all the exercise opportunities she can at Mulberry PARC. She’s in the gym three mornings a week stretching, on the bike and doing weights, attends group exercise class twice weekly, yoga once a week and does chair volleyball. The end result is a woman who has more stretching ability than most people several decades younger. “Exercise gives you more confidence,” explains Dorothy. “You stand up straighter, and you have more energy.”


Energy is certainly not something Dorothy is lacking. Her vigor and energy helps other parts of her life. She can often be found on her hands and knees planting and weeding in the garden, she attends nearly every entertainment event brought into Mulberry PARC and is always happy to socialize. “We keep very busy here,” she smiles. “When people say they’re bored, it’s because they’re not doing anything. Here, there’s always something to do.”


That’s how it is at Mulberry PARC: Residents get involved. They stay active.  And pursue passions. They eat healthier and laugh more. And with PARC’s focus on maintaining a healthy body and mind through our Independent Living+ program, it’s easy to see how life’s just better here.