Al’s story

“Happiness is being part of a singing group.”

Singing has been a part of Al’s life since his youth. And now, in a singing group of 40 people he helped launch at Cedar Springs PARC, Al is in his element. The group meets once a week to sing classics like “Danny Boy” from a song book of over 100 tunes, accompanied by a talented director/pianist.


A previous choir member and a fan of everything from Bach to boogie, Al explains how the singing group benefits morale. “It relaxes you, you can socialize and it makes you happy!” he says with a broad smile. Al’s lifelong enthusiasm is evident, and it was only several years ago he stopped skippering his sailboat.

Al has no problem occupying his time and mind at Cedar Springs PARC, like joining his friends for a chat over a healthy protein-based breakfast. He also keeps his brain sharp as a self-proclaimed ‘computer bug’ and spends many an hour reading and listening to his CD collection.


“The secret is to keep busy…keep the activities going,” he advises on the key to happiness.

That’s how it is at Cedar Springs PARC: It’s so easy to embrace your interests or start something brand new. And with PARC’s focus on maintaining a healthy body and mind through our Independent Living+ program, it’s easy to see how life’s just better here.