Just because our residents are older, doesn’t mean our practices are

Sure, we own and operate retirement residences, but that doesn’t make us ‘old school’. Far from it. We proudly seek out and employ leading sustainability practices and ‘green’ building practices that:

  • reduce energy use
  • reduce greenhouse gases
  • reduce water use and wasteful lighting

We also use green housekeeping products, and encourage our staff to take transit.

We do little things like:

  • recycle paper, batteries, bulbs, bags and cartridges
  • install efficient lighting

And bigger things like:

  • LEED Gold Standard certification for Cedar Springs PARC and Westerleigh PARC. Both buildings have been designed to minimize their impact on the environment
  • gas and hot water measurement metres to measure and actively reduce consumption
  • replace invasive species on the grounds
  • minimize buildings’ footprints to conserve as much natural area as possible
  • storm water management systems
  • use of electric vehicles whenever possible